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We understand buying a franchise can be very exciting, but can also be expensive & can be a barrier to entry. That’s why The Local Guys Pay has two options available to help you get started in your dream of business ownership.


 At The Local Guys Pay, we’ve got your back when it comes to financing. We’re all about quality and innovation, making sure your investment is solid. Plus, our support makes sure you’re in good hands wherever you go.

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Turn Your Franchise Dreams into Reality with The Local Guys Franchise Financing

Unlocking your franchise potential is just a step away with The Local Guys Franchise Finance. We simplify the entire financing process, ensuring it’s hassle-free and tailored to your needs. Our goal is to make it effortless for you to choose the right loan for your franchise venture.


Our financing options are designed to accommodate your unique journey, and we’re committed to providing quality customer service through our extensive franchise network. You’ll benefit from flexible loan terms, competitive rates, and a straightforward approval process. Say goodbye to complexity, and hello to your thriving franchise – it’s that simple!

Which Option Is Right For Me?

Option 1 - 100% Fully Financed

This option allows you to finance the full amount of the franchise. Covering all of your equipment, upfront franchise costs & sometimes even your vehicle (if required). This option does have stricter lending conditions.
Stricter lending checks
Must be working full time or own a home.
Good credit rating is essential.

Option 2 - 50% Financed

However, we recognise that there may be unique situations where an alternative approach is necessary. In such cases, our Partially Financed option is available. It also offers fast approval and gives you the flexibility to secure up to 50% of the franchise cost.
Enjoy Swift Approval!
Must have access to funds for the equipment costs & 50% of the franchise cost.
No Physical Assets Needed
No Credit Check Required

Frequently Asked Questions

To secure franchise financing through The Local Guys Pay, simply choose which finance option you want, then submit your details below. We will reach out & work with you to go through the application process to kickstart your franchise venture.

Getting franchise finance through The Local Guys Pay is designed to be a straightforward process. Just submit your details, and we’ll work with you to make financing your franchise easier, so you can start your venture confidently.

Certainly! Franchise financing is available for both new and established franchise opportunities. Approval for franchise finance depends on several factors, such as the turnover of the business, profitability of the business, and other business standings of the specific franchise being considered.

Franchise finance is the financial support needed to start, operate, and grow a franchise business. It involves obtaining funds for franchise fees, equipment, working capital, and other expenses associated with running the franchise, often through loans or credit. The aim is to provide the financial resources required to succeed in a franchised system.

Franchise financing offers numerous advantages, including access to the capital needed to start or grow a franchise, reduced personal financial risk, and the ability to quickly launch operations. It provides flexibility with various financing options and can lead to tax benefits while enabling better cash flow management. 

It’s as easy as submitting your details and letting us do the rest!

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